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Insurance Accepted and Payment Plans

Our commitment to helping you become a healthier, happier person is the top priority here at Peak Performance Chiropractic. That being said, like all things in life, you get what you give. We can only go so far on our end of the deal. At some point YOU have to make the change inside of you and commit to becoming the person YOU want to become. We would guess it involves getting PAIN FREE and living PLEASURE FULL! We will gladly submit all insurance claims for our patients. Our fee sheet for insurance patients is available upon request. All patients with insurance will have to pay their individual deductible plus any co-pays they may have. Most insurance co-pays are $20-$30. If you do not have insurance or you would rather pay as a non-insured patient you could pay as you go, however hardly anyone does this. Just like 24 individual cans of pop cost more than a case, you should consider one of our simple and straight forward wellness plans.